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Ring SizerSizing is normally designated in half-size increments, but is also available in quarter sizes. To order a quarter size, simply select the nearest half size from the drop down menu. During the purchasing process, you will have an opportunity to type in special requests and comments. Just tell us what size you need. This is not typically considered to be a custom request. Check your product description to be sure.


We would be pleased to send you a free ring sizing tool to help ensure that you choose the right size. Simply contact us and provide your name and address.


In the world of jewelry, there is no widely accepted standard regarding ring sizes. While there is an ISO standard for ring sizing, no jeweler uses it. Instead of using the ISO standard which references the internal diameter of a ring in millimeters, the industry is married to the system of whole numbers (eg, Size 7), even though a Size 7 varies from jeweler to jeweler depending upon the equipment they use. We employ a system which is a hybrid of the whole number system and the ISO system. We require every bench jeweler associated with greenKarat to use the same brand and model of equipment, and to adhere to our sizing standards. We then record the internal caliper of each ring on the accompanying invoice. In this way, we are very consistent. When customers use our ring sizing tool to determine their size, we are all on the same page.


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